Postdoctoral position on quantum computer hardware development at INMA – CSIC

The group Quantum Materials and Devices  https://www.qmad.es/ at the Instituto de Nanociencia y Materiales de Aragón (INMA) https://inma.unizar-csic.es/    is seeking highly motivated young scientists who are interested in the area of Quantum technologies to work in the frame of the project ‘Quantum computers hardware’. The contract is funded by the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) within thenewly-established platform PTI+ on Quantum Technologies https://qst.csic.es/about/,  a virtual cluster of more than 30 CSIC groups sharing a common vision on Quantum Science and Technology.

We are looking for individuals with a degree in physics or electronic/ telecom engineering.  The tasks to be carried out would be the following:

1.- Design and simulation of ICs in nanometric technology and generation of the layout for manufacturing.

2.- Design and manufacture in a clean room of superconducting circuits to implement parametric amplifiers.

3.- Testing of the circuits at cryogenic temperatures.

4.- Writing reports.

5.- Collaboration with the PI of the project in dissemination and coordination tasks. 

The position is funded for two years and the candidate will work with Maria José Martínez Pérez and Carlos Sanchez Azqueta

Interested candidates should provide a curriculum vitae to the following email addresses: