Postdoctoral Position in the University of Oxford Physics Department:

This project will explore quantum spin physics in magnetic molecules in collaboration with two EU-funded consortia: FATMOLS (, which seeks to exploit the properties of molecular magnets to establish modular and scalable molecular components for spin-based quantum technologies; and SPRING (, which is focused on developing and technologically exploiting magnetic degrees of freedom in graphene-related nanostructures. Oxford’s role in both projects is to develop and deploy advanced pulsed electron spin resonance techniques to elucidate the quantum magnetic structures and dynamics in new materials provided by project partners. The research will make extensive use of Oxford’s state-of-the-art Centre for Advanced Electron Spin Resonance (CAESR, as well as custom-built experimental apparatus for specialised measurements. There will be extensive opportunities for collaboration with project partners around Europe. The closing date for applications is 7 August 2020.

Contact: Arzhang Ardavan (, for more details and instructions on how to apply.


Magnetic molecules and superconductors: novel materials for quantum technologies.

Our colleagues from the University of Florence have made a video explaining their research in which they combine single molecule magnets with superconducting materials trying to control single molecule magnetism via these superconductors and to use single molecule magnets as local probes of the superconducting state.