The work plan structure and the inter-relations between its components are shown in the figure below. Tasks are organized into six experimental work packages (WPs) guided by theoretical work (WP7). WPs 1 to 6 are devoted, respectively, to the chemical design of molecular qudits, the determination and optimization of coherence times, the implementation of quantum operations within these molecules by means of different electron spin resonance techniques, the fabrication of novel microwave nanoresonators, the study of molecular spins on superconducting surfaces and their integration into devices, and the realization of circuit quantum electrodynamics experiments. Theory supports all these steps and provides explores how to implement quantum error correction schemes within molecules, how to realize basic operations in a hybrid processor and which quantum calculations and simulations can be performed in the future with this technology. WP8 provides management and coordination of these activities, promotes dissemination, protection and exploitation of its results, and sets up efficient communication channels within the consortium and with society